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avnish saxena

nice and impressive post.!
I love writing on the topics RMS Shopping Cart software; but integrating a web store with Microsoft RMS is altogether a different thing. Today we have few companies in US that provide RMS integrated Shopping Cart solution but what helps a company to stand out is - the quality of RMS cart it develops. When you have a prospect looking at your RMS cart solution and comparing it to half a dozen others, you need to stand out somehow. Features in a RMS integrated Cart may make headlines, but customers won't hang around if they don't get quality service and support. See one of the RMS cart solution provider company at http://www.lanservices.com/rms.htm.

Rapid POS

Something everyone should consider when purchasing a Point of Sale (POS) system is the database into which the data is stored. You don't want your data stored in a flat-file system (more prone to become corrupt) or a closed database. Make sure the POS uses MS SQL (or SSE), MySQL, or some other database to which you may easily connect. The reason you want this is because it allows you to develop your own screens so that you have custom capabilities to manage those things that are totally unique to your store.

For example, let's say that you POS has a loyalty point program, but you want to expire your loyalty points once per quarter. Two week prior to the expiration you want to send an e-mail to everyone who has points about to expire to encourage them to come into the store and use them. If you Point of Sale utilizes one of the databases I mentioned, any decent programmer can give you this in a snap. If you use something like Quickbooks (which does NOT have an open database) you could never do this until QB chooses to build this functionality into their system.

We do these kinds of customization for our clients all the time. Give us a ring if you want to learn more: www.rapidpos.com.

Apparel Software

Thanks for the info. The net is so cluttered with crap it's becoming difficult to find exactly what you're looking for nowadays.

Ethan Mudgett

POS or point-of-sale technology is very important for food and retail business like groceries because it keeps track of the transactions made. Such systems are used to ensure that everything sold has been recorded. That's why there are terminals which use cash registers and produce receipts.

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