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Donna Papacosta

I'm sure you're right, Mike. This would not have happened at a smaller store, especially one where the owner was present. Funny thing is that I DO prefer to shop small and local. However, on this particular rainy day, I rushed into Home Depot because it was next to another store I had to go to. I am fortunate to live in a town with a thriving downtown where we can WALK to the bakery, fish store, butcher, independent card shop, etc. By far, these retailers give the best service. Too bad there's no hardware store in downtown Oakville!

Mike Buckley


Thanks for the comment! As you can see, I'm very pro independent business and not just because my company works with so many of them. If I did nothing but post stories about bad customer service at the various chains, I could do ten posts a day and never run out of material.

BTW, we do have a hardware store in Oakville, MO, where I live. I frequently walk there.

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