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David Mullen

Mike - thanks for sharing my post with your readers.

I got the idea to write it while chatting with a couple coworkers who said "who cares where I'm going to lunch." I shared one or two of the ideas above with them and they said, "oh, that does sound worthwhile."

I agree that it's not for everyone, but it's a great tool for most. Maybe we'll win over a few more twitterers with posts like these.


Twitter sounds like a good idea. But I think people need to be careful about how many social networking sites / tools they use. I was talking to a marketeer recently who said she regularily contributes to 6 or 7 social networking sites / tools - and that it is all getting too much etc .. And I stil think that the blog is as important as ever but that social networking is another useful tool to use alongside / support the main blog. Do you have any strong views on the value of blogging?

Mike Buckley


As a former twitter-doubter, I'm amazed at how useful it can be. Sure, some of the tweets are silly. Some might not be useful to me. But there's not a day that goes by that I don't find something really good, like your post.

I have to come up with something to write about every day and it's become much easier since I've become a twitterer.

Mike Buckley


I share your concern about the number of tools and which ones to use. I don't want to use EVERY social media option, but I don't want to miss anything either. I'm waiting for the one grand aggregator that combines everything in one place.

As far as blogging is concerned, I love the medium and I doubt that it will ever go away. Personally, I use the other tools to support the blog.

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