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Rapid POS

Assuming your Point of Sale (POS) system has such capabilities, you should consider configuring a "mix and match" promotion. The idea to indicate that customers may purchase a bargain item only if they also purchase a regularly priced item. The POS will automatically ring the discount when that criteria is met. If not met, the bargain item rings at regular price.

Doing so allows you to price the bargain items at an even deeper discount (because you know you'll sell a full priced item). This gives your bargains a better buzz which, of course, leads to more traffic.

If your POS isn't capable of doing this, consider upgrading to something like Radiant CounterPoint. It works great for garden centers, sporting goods stores, grocery, gift shops, beer and wine stores, and many more.

We intall and support POS system in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange Counties. If your store is located in Southern California, visit our website or give us a call for even more great ideas.

dean graziosi

I have just read both parts of Store traffic and this third part is also good.Noe this is something new and different idea about the bargain bin.This will be perfect for store traffic.

Jamie Shellman

Stores tend to succeed or fail because of their reputation. Having bargain bins in a store that customers can easily access is a great idea. It gives the store a good reputation and increases customer traffic. More and more stores are applying this kind of promotion worldwide.


Hi, The above articles is very impressive, and I really enjoyed reading your blog and points that you expressed.

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